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     Their cleaners were friendly, reliable, trustworthy and extremely professional. My thanks go out to those involved from BickleyCarpetCleaners.
H. Burnett19/05/2020
     These guys are unbelievably good at what they do! They steam cleaned my curtains and sofa. The result was impressive. They are some of the best upholstery cleaners.
Shawn E.19/09/2019
     Cheapest office cleaning company, the quality is unmatched. What more can I ask for? Thank you for the excellent services and level of professionalism.
     Not sure how or why BickleyCarpetCleaners have such cheap cleaning services, but as long as their prices stay this low I will use them for home and office cleans.
Tim Close28/11/2018
      Carpet Cleaning Services Bickley came to clean my windows yesterday and I was really pleased with their work. I could barely see out of the windows, they were that bad. Thanks to this amazing company, they now look spotless and gleaming. Great job!
Bella Rogers21/04/2016
     I've used BickleyCarpetCleaners on so many occasions now I think I can safely say their company is to be recommended. For one thing, the professional home cleaners they send me always arrive when they are expected to arrive and are always polite and friendly. Trust me, I've tried other cleaning companies and this isn't always the case! Most important of all, the standard of cleaning itself is as it should be in my view and no matter what task I've wanted done, it's always been done correctly. If you're looking for professional cleaners who know what they're doing, then phone this company.
Helen Booth13/08/2014
     BickleyCarpetCleaners are fantastic! I used them recently to clean my flat just before I moved out, and spending twenty quid on a quick clean saved me losing any of my deposit! Usually a land lord will try to squeeze as much from a tenant as possible, but in this case, there was no fault to be found! The cleaners even did the oven cleaning and got the taps in the bathroom looking better than I ever could have! I was so pleased with their service that I thought it worth getting on here to recommend them to everybody!
Anna Jenkins07/01/2014

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